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Tips and Tricks: Portable Closets!

While you would not want to have to use them for extended periods of time as your primary clothes storage device, portable closets are very useful as a temporary means of holding your clothes. You might need one of these closets when you first move into your house or when you know you will be moving a large quantity of clothes.

Where a portable closet will prove to be very handy is when you find that you are desperately short of storage space and you need to rectify the problem quickly. These hangers can be assembled quickly from their component pieces so you may have it stored away somewhere and be able to bring it out as required. The result is instant storage when you need it.

A portable closet is not the kind of furniture that you will stand around agonising over the color or the shape. The factors that you will be looking for include:

  • Will it be sturdy enough to hold the amount of clothing that must be hung
  • How easy will it be to move from room to room
  • Will it easily disassemble to be stored away when not required
  • How much does it cost
Remember, the price is often a good indicator to the quality.

Many portable closets are furnished with canvas sides that can be zipped up to close them. So just as you would test the doors of a wooden closet it is advisable to test the zip mechanism of the portable closet to ensure that it operates smoothly.

While portable closets are never going to be the most durable or hard wearing of items there are some that are extremely flimsy and would be lucky to last a single use. Make sure the frame is a solidly constructed frame, preferably of metal rather than plastic and that the structure will stand up to the weight of the clothes you put on it.

It should be remembered that an important factor that these closets are required is the fact that they are portable. The flimsy closets made of plastic are prone to fall apart before you even try to move them from one place to another.

For the most part you can expect to pay around $30 for a plastic portable closet and, as a result, you also shouldn't expect it to be particularly durable. The closets that consistently prove to perform are the metal framed clothes racks. You pay a little bit extra for the materials but this pays off in the long run because you will get a clothes rack and shelves that will not fall apart when you try to use it.


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