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Tips and Tricks: Free Standing Closets for Home Storage and Organizing!

A free standing closet is generally a large piece small of furniture that is typically used as a storage unit for clothing. It can be made of many materials, though is traditionally made of solid wood, though in recent years plywood and canvas have also become common materials of construction.

Originally, a closet was a private storage room designed as a private space for reading and dressing. However, such rooms were impractical for ordinary use, so eventually, the wardrobe was developed. These free standing closets became the standard as a place to store one's clothing when it was not in use. In recent years, most houses have begun to include closets as either a small rectangular alcove with shelving systems in which shoes, clothes, jewelry, and other personal items can be stored.

Some houses include walkin closets, a much larger version which is usually similar to a room lined with shelving and hanging space that is often decorated with lighting, and may include a mirror for convenience. Not all rooms used for storage are referred to as closets.

A room used to store clothing is referred to as a pantry, and a room used for the storage of vehicles or equipment is referred to either as a workshop or garage. However, there are many occasions in which additional storage space is desired- whether because there is a complete lack of storage space, or the storage place is not large enough to meet the needs of the individual.

Free standing closets differ from many other types of storage units because of their ease of use and mobility. If you were to try to add a closet, you would need to remove a wall or find space in another room of the house. If, however, you simply add free standing closets, the amount of space gained will be around the same, while no major construction is required. Additionally, if the room is no longer needed, it can be moved or removed simply. Free standing style closets can be purchased from a number of locations, either on the internet or locally. Most furniture supply stores will have them, and if additional shelving or dimensions are desired, custom free standing closets can be purchased from a wood working shop. If you look carefully for a discount, these storage options can be an elegant and economic choice to add storage space to any room.


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